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We are experts In Paint Correction & Ceramic Coatings

RIFRAF Detailing is a Wollongong, based family owned and run Professtional Detailing Company. We pride our selves on the highest quality of work at the lowest possible price!

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Paint Correction

Paint Correction is the removal by machine polish of the swirls or light scratches in your paint. Paint correction will return your paint to its highest potential.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are the ulitmate in paint protection. Ceramic coating protects your paint from contaminants and minor marring. These coatings will also heavily reduce the time needed to keep your car looking its best

Wet Sanding

Wet sanding is something that some see as a drastic step but it is a needed step to heavily damaged or scratched paint and also to new paint.

Wheel Protection

Our wheel protection offers similar protection and convenience that our paint protection offers. Imagine not have to get down and scrub your wheels at every wash

Brake Caliper Protection

Again Brake caliper protecion is similar to paint protection, it will ensure that those beauitfully painted calipers look awesome for longer and will heavily reduce the time needed to clean them

Leather Protection

Leather interior is an awesome option to have on your car but it can also be one of the hardest parts of your car to care for. Our leather protection products are simply the best on the market. It is far better to prevent than repair when it comes to leather. 

Fabric & Carpet Protection

A big part of your cars interior is fabric and carpet, it is the part of your car that you use the most so why not protect it from the daily usage and possible spills that can occur, with our industry leading fabric protection.

Where Every Detail Counts