The Best Ways To Care For Your Care

RIFRAF Detailing

Caring for your coating

- Do Not let it stay wet for the first 24 hours after coating - If it does wipe it dry with a microfiber towel as soon as possible
- Do Not wash the coating with soap for the first 7 days after application

Washing Your Car

The Bests Ways To Wash Your Car

Snow Foam - Preferred Method

1 - High Pressure wash your whole car
2 - Spray your wheels with wheel cleaner and agitate
3 - High Pressure rinse your wheels
4 -Use a foam lance to apply your foam 
5 - Wait 5 - 10 minutes
6 - High Presure wash again - Unless your car isn't coated or is extremely dirty go to last step
7 - Using 2 buckets and a microfibre mitt, fill 1 bucket with clean water and another with water\soap mix
8 - Dip your mitt into the soap bucket wash a small area of your car, whilst remembering to use the TOP DOWN method (Wash from roof down to middle of car all around then from middle down all around) DO NOT let any of the soap dry on your car
9 - Rinse the pad in the clean water bucket between areas you are washing
10 - Dip the mitt back into the soap and do your next area
11 - Repeat the process - SOAP - CAR - CLEAN BUCKET - SOAP - CAR - CLEAN BUCKET - SOAP ... NEVER go from the car directly to the soap bucket
12 - Rinse the whole car well
13 - Dry with a clean micro fiber drying cloth

3 Bucket Technique

1 - Rinse car – ensuring that you remove all loose
dirt from car
2 - Using 2 buckets, Fill 1 with a quality car shampoo and 1 with clean water only.
3 - Using a clean micro fibre wash pad, dip it into your shampoo bucket and wash a small area of the car. ensure that there is sufficient soap on the wash pad. Use the TOP DOWN method, wash your car from the roof down, never let any part dry before rinsing
4 - Rinse wash pad in the clean bucket
5 - Dip the wash pad into the shampoo again and wash another small area of your car.
6 - Repeat the process – Soap – Car – Clean Bucket – Soap – Car – Clean Bucket – Soap – Car….. (Replacing the clean water in then rinse bucket regularly)
7 - Rinse Car again
8 - Using a 3rd bucket prepare your wheel cleaning product and clean your wheels then rinse them
9 - Rinse the car well
10 - Dry with Clean Micro Fibre Cloth

What NOT to do

Use 1 bucket wash method
Never put sponge for wheels in the paint bucket
Use any products that are NOT designed for cars
Use automated car washes
Use manual car wash foam brush (If you MUST, then high pressure clean the brush first)
Scrub at marks or dirt
Apply polish to a coated car
NEVER use hand polish on a car!