What is Paint Correction

Swirl mark removal, surface scratch removal, gloss enancement and restoration of the show room new look is what paint correction should do to your paint. 

Making your paint look like new is a very time consuming process. That should only ever be done by a quailified and experienced professtional, using professtional grade tools and products.

It is possible to give pricing for our standard packages over the phone, via email or text messages, we may need some pictures of the car if you have any specific questions though or you are always welcome to make an appointment (usually same day) for a in person inspection. All custom packages require an in person inspection prior to a final quote.

There are a few different options when it comes to paint protection after a paint correction. Paint protection is necessary due to the process of correction removing any and all paint protections (Waxes, Sealants or Coatings). We would recommend a Fireball Ceramic Coating be applied immediately after paint correction. We have several option to suit your needs and budget.